Our science

Your skin is yearning for our deep learning.

SkinGenie is powered by LifeNome’s revolutionary genomics technology and rigorous science. SkinGenie explores a network of genetic variations influencing your potential predisposition using an aggregate analysis of more than 2400 scientific studies that is enhanced through our artificial intelligence algorithms.

We compute a risk predisposition score for each trait using multiple genetic markers, not a single association. In order to explore potential predispositions of over 30 skincare traits, SkinGenie uses 140 genetic variants for accurate assessment of predisposition likelihood risks for skin attributes and 95 genetic biomarkers for skin nutritional needs.

SkinGenie reports are reviewed and certified by Dermatologists.

SkinGenie empowers science and data-driven personalization.

2500 + Genomics Studies
Genomics Engine
AI and Big Data Clustering Technology
Population DNA + Phenotype Database (500K + Unique Profiles)

SkinGenie's BeautyNome

The World's Largest Dynamic Beauty Database

Our Dynamic Deep learning & Machine Learning Algorithm
automatically adds new scientific knowledge as it becomes available
and gets smarter as it absorbs new genotype-phenotype data.

40,000+ ingredients
100,000+ products toxicity info
2,500 genomics studies
4,000 peer reviewed scientific articles
Millions of product reviews
500K+ unique genotype-phenotype data
10K+ genetic variations
120+ biomarkers for skin, 150 for hair
30+ skin DNA traits
16 hair DNA traits